Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone become a member and sell their products?

Anyone can become a member.  We want this marketplace to be available and open to as many Engineers, Makers, Hackers, and all-around Nerds as possible.  However, we also want to maintain a high standard of quality.  For this reason we must pre-approve all new items for sale.  To create a shop and start selling, click the "Sell" button at the top-left of this page.

How do I become a seller?

The first step is to create a shop.  All items that you add must first be approved by us before they show up in your public shop.  This review process is automatic when creating a new item.  If the product you are trying to sell is relevant to our audience we will approve it immediately.  Otherwise, we will contact you through E-mail and suggest what you might want to change.

What can I sell here?

Anything that is useful or unique for Engineers, Makers, Hackers, and Nerds (our kind of people).  We ask you to try and place items in the correct categories and subcategories as best as you can so that it will be easy to navigate your items.  If you do not currently see a category for your item(s), please contact us through E-mail with what you want to sell and in what new category.  All of your products must be legal to sell in the United States.

What are the site fees?

Listing items on the Circuit Lava marketplace is $0.20 for as long as 90 days for physical goods and free for an unlimited amount of time for all digital goods.  We collect a fee of 4.2% on sales of physical goods and 14.0% on sales of digital goods, such as E-books and Design Packs, on the combined item and shipping cost.  PayPal collects a fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction.

Is PayPal the only way to pay and get paid?

At the moment it is.  However, we are working on adding other payment processors, and these will be available in the foreseeable future.

Can I sell locally so that people can pick up items personally?

Absolutely!  Simply select "Pick up locally" from the country list and add that as a shipping destination, when adding a new item to your shop.

What are Design Packs?

A Design Pack is digital collection of files encompassing an entire project.  They consist of everything one might need to design and build something.  For example, a power supply Design Pack might consist of a bill of materials, schematic, and PCB layout.  The buyer can use a design pack to build an exact copy of a project, or alternatively can use it as a reference and adapt the project to his or her own specific needs.